Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life's A Beach!!!

Today is June 8th, 2008, and we are in Seagrove Beach, Florida! We arrived Friday, June 6th! Nana and Pop live here and we are staying until July 20th! We are so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to be here with them! Here is Beckett, in his element, loving the beach and life!


Rachel Trimm-Scarbrough said...

Hey McCaslins!
I love hearing about Beckett from your mother-she is the best! He is so precious and growing so fast!Love the blog-I will add you to our page. Ours is Have fun at the beach!
Rachel Scarbrough

Aflowers said...

How much fun! I wish we were at the beach! He is too cute! by the way i think you are having a girl too!!!!

Haley said...

Beckett looks so cool with his shades on!! I wish I was there with you all!